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This is something that I've been working on for a couple of days now...


Feel free to tell me what you think!



DOUGLAS is walking back from the bathroom when he is stopped by KEVIN. It is 11:55am and DOUGLAS skipped breakfast. KEVIN knows this.



(with a wide grin)

Hey there Doug, good ol’ buddy of mine. How’s the work day treating you?



(staring at a brown paper bag off on his desk in the distance)

Kevin, please, I’d love to talk but I really need to be getting back to my desk.



(putting his arm around DOUGLAS)

Right, right, of course. I just have a super quick question for ya bud. Just a little tiny favor if you don’t mind.



(attention pulling back in towards KEVIN)

Wait…what? Oh no sorry Kev, I’m really not sure what it is but I’m really swamped with the end of the quarter approaching. I hate to be rude but if you don’t mind…



(pulling him in closer and talking a little faster)

No, it’s not a problem at all! I completely understand. Fitzsimmons has been on my ass all week about getting my quarterlies in too. But yeah, about that favor…it’s really nothing like that. You see, Mona has been trying out this new diet, and oh man I don’t even need to tell you how that’s going! It’s like this yellow only diet but no liquids…or maybe it’s only liquids? No wait, is it green stuff only? No, no, that doesn’t sound right…



(completely zoning out, listening only to the sound of his own stomach rumbling)

Yep…okay…ohhhhh wow…is that so?



(realizing that his plan is working)

I know! Can you believe it! Every single day, I have to wake up a whole hour earlier because Mona doesn’t like me eating in front of her anymore. Which then just wakes up the baby earlier, so she’s just a terror all day. Plus, I’m starting to run low on money which is another stressor in my life. Oh, and have I even gotten around to telling you about the cat? Boy is that a story for you…



(in the land of food)

Ohhh yep…that’s really crazy…oh my, what…that’s wild…



(going in for the kill)

…only to find out that Buster ate the nickel three months ago and that’s why he was making that weird noise! Anyway, thanks Doug so much for listening to me. I’ll drop the package off at your desk in like an hour. And like I said, if anybody asks, you have no idea what’s in it or where you got it from. It’s also probably best if you just keep this little arrangement to yourself. I know you tell Tara everything but hey what’s one little secret for a good buddy? Alright Doug, I’ll see you around!



(coming back to Earth)


Posted : 06/03/2020 8:35 am
Member Admin

Great post! Amazing job capturing the mundanity of the work place! 

Posted : 11/03/2020 12:01 pm